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Your oven is an integral part of your kitchen. It performs a vital role in your home. It’s an investment piece within your utilities, but is also the item that is likely left forgotten when it comes to your cleaning routine.

With dinner, comes mess. The occasional splatter from a slow cooked meal, or a bubbled over pasta dish, or grease and fat from your Sunday roast. Even crumbs from the kids dinner. Ovens can very quickly become a grimey place. From oven grease, to burnt on food and fat, your oven often needs a bit of cleaning, either with a DIY job, or a professional oven cleaning service.

Why Is a Clean Oven Important?

It’s important to ensure your oven is clean because a clean oven is a safer oven. Grease and fat, or burnt on old food, can cause additional smoke in your oven which could be dangerous when you next use your oven, and affect the taste of future food that you cook.

The risk of a fire increases dramatically with a dirty and greasy oven so ensuring it is thoroughly cleaned regularly is important for your homes safety.

Ensuring your oven is properly clean can also contribute to maintaining your oven’s energy efficiency and increased functionality and increase the longevity and potentially extend the life of your oven too.

 How often should I clean my oven?

You should give your oven a good at home clean about once a month, depending on how often you use it. It’s also good practice to wipe your oven over if you know of a spill or splatter from a particular dish.

Wait until the oven has fully cooled and clean down with a cloth and water. Wiping the glass door of your oven after each use is also recommended for visibility whilst you cook. Keeping on top of your oven cleaning means less smells, and an easier job for your deep oven clean once a month or so.

Oven Cleaning In Birmingham

For professional, deep oven cleaning, you should book at least once every six months, depending on how often you use your oven, what you cook and how often you clean it yourself. For daily used ovens, you can book more often, but twice a year should be the minimum to get optimum results and ensure a safe and efficient oven all year round.

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How do I clean the inside of my oven?

To DIY your oven cleaning, ensure the oven is completely cool before starting. Newspaper under the oven can be used to collect “baked in” food that you scrub off.

Spray your product, or paste on with a sponge or scourer, depending on your preferred cleaning agent, leaving as directed for cleaning chemicals, or overnight for natural cleaners. Avoid the heating element, pilot light, fan and gas supply which could be damaged by cleaning chemicals.

 Using cleaning products

These should be used as per the instructions, with gloves and good ventilation, as the chemicals can be highly corrosive or an irritant to the skin and eyes.

 Cleaning oven with baking soda

To clean your oven with baking soda, make a paste using equal parts baking soda and white wine vinegar which you apply to the inside of your oven, concentrating on any baked in stains. This should be left overnight and then scrubbed with a scourer.

 Clean oven with lemon

As above with the baking soda cleaning method, this cleaning method is made of lemon juice and salt which is spooned onto the offending stains and again left overnight. Scrub the next day to remove all residue.

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How do I clean a glass oven door?

A clean glass oven door means less time spent opening and closing your oven to check on your food cooking so is important for your general oven upkeep.

Wiping down the glass after each use is great for maintaining this.

For a more thorough clean, use a soft cloth or sponge, never a scourer that could scratch the surface and affect the integrity of the glass when heated next. Ensure any chemical cleaners you use are safe to use on glass, or for a gentler, more natural approach, after using soapy water, try a vinegar based solution on the glass which will reduce the risk of streaks.

Dangers of self cleaning oven

A self cleaning oven works by heating the inside of your oven to such high degrees (around 500 degrees celsius) that it burns any residue food and grime into ash, rather than allowing it to stick to surfaces. The ash is then wipeable thus making your oven much easier to clean and maintain without the use of chemicals or cleaning agents.

Self cleaning ovens are particularly popular with bakers who see more spills. It is important to use a expert birmingham oven cleaning services that can offer affordable prices. Our domestic and commercial oven clean services offer deep clean for ranges hobs and we promise to give you a new look oven .

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professional Oven Cleaning Service

We offer oven cleaning in Birmingham for commercial and domestic properties,our fully insured oven cleaning staff are able to turn your oven like new again. We use the best oven cleaning appliances to clean all cooking appliances from hobs,microwaves to range cookers,double ovens. Our cleaning service is eco friendly and we make sure your hobs extractors are also pristine .

Our oven cleaning staff are able to clean all top brands like Bosch,Miele,Neff,Smge,Beko And hotpoint.We provide quality cleans for many restaurants. We use top quality cleaning products to ensure your ovens hobs look and extractor fan look like new. Our domestic and commercial cleaning services are used by popular businesses who serve millions of meals each year.

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A professional will have all the tools, equipment and chemicals needed to ensure your oven is cleaned to the highest standard, guaranteed. Although many at home oven cleaning kits will promise an excellent finish, it can’t be guaranteed.


A professional oven cleaning service is provided by highly trained cleaners who know exactly what they are doing, what chemicals to use, and what parts of your oven they can clean safely.


A professional oven cleaning service also comes with additional peace of mind for your appliance as we are fully insured too.

You can expect to spend upwards of £40 for a thorough professional oven cleaning service, with this amount increasing for double ovens, aga’s and ranges. The cost is usually dependent on how long it will take to complete the clean, with single ovens taking between one and two hours, double ovens approximately one and a half to three hours, and range cookers such as Aga’s between four and five hours.

Replacing an oven at any time is a costly business, so ensuring you maintain it well means you can save yourself any potential pricey and unexpected purchases.


Hiring a professional oven cleaning service at least twice a year (we recommend six monthly bookings if you are also regularly keeping your oven clean after each use) can help extend the life of your oven and save yourself any unfortunate oven breakdowns or even needing to replace your oven entirely.

A clean oven is more energy efficient, less likely to smoke or smell and less likely to break down or require new parts due to burnt-on food on parts or gaps created in oven seals that need replacing early.

Your professional oven clean is completed by our fully trained and expert oven cleaners with industrial strength cleaners and a wealth of knowledge that only comes from years of cleaning experience.


Our oven cleaning technician will inspect your oven prior to starting to clean, giving an estimate of how long it will take to complete the clean for you as well as check that everything works as it should.


Before starting your oven clean, our technician will lay out protective sheets to keep your surfaces and floor secure from any potential chemical spillages as well as debris from your oven. We aim to leave your oven area looking better than when we arrived, and this includes the kitchen area around your cooking area too.


Our technician will begin by expertly dismantling your oven of all removable parts and placing these to soak in our professional cleaning chemicals. This degreases all the parts, and can also be applied to oven racks and trays.


Whilst this step is taking place, our technician will work inside your oven to remove burnt or baked in foods, stains and grime using a scraper and cleaning solution ensuring that your oven will no longer smell when in use in the future. They will also check the oven lining and if applicable remove the glass from your oven door to be cleaned, or clean the glass in place.


Once the disassembled parts have completed soaking, they will also be scrapped of dirt and accumulated grime before being cleaned off and dried prior to reassembly in your oven.


Our technician will do a final check of the oven, ensuring that all parts are working as they were before the clean, or better, before signing off the job. You’ll be able to use your oven straight away once the job is complete, meaning minimal waiting times.

Our stain protection means you save money in the long run, protecting your carpets and upholstery in between professional carpet and upholstery cleans and extending the life of your possessions. This is a particularly recommended product for households with children and pets where stains are a more common occurrence.

The main benefit to hiring a professional oven cleaning service is their experience in cleaning ovens. Our professional oven cleaning technicians are experienced in exactly this task so aren’t daunted by the intricacies of ovens, knowing what chemicals to use where and what parts of your oven need the most attention from them.


We also have access to better, stronger and more effective cleaning solutions to ensure we achieve the highest standard of cleaning, even on the toughest of baked in or burnt on foods

and stains. We guarantee excellent cleaning results which just can’t be duplicated with at home DIY oven cleaning.


With this guarantee you can rest assured that your cleaner oven will provide added return on your investment by saving money on your bills. A clean oven means a more energy efficient oven, taking less time to heat up and cook your food which means a lower energy bill.


You’ll also save time with a professional oven cleaning service as we can complete the cleaning in a shorter amount of time, usually around an hour for a standard single oven, and more thoroughly, without needing to leave chemicals for hours or even overnight.

To discuss the full benefits of a professional oven cleaning in your home and book your professional cleaning technician to visit you, contact us today.

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